Twin Cities Show Chorus

Honor Roll

Terri Calvert

Woman of Note - 2021


Awarded to Terri Calvert

Twin Cities Show Chorus - Woman of Note - 2021

2020 was a challenging year for our chorus. Many women stepped up to encourage and support the Twin Cities Show Chorus, but there is one who stood head and shoulders above the rest, Terri Calvert,  for her tireless dedication and work behind the scenes. She almost single-handedly got our new website up and running, trained chorus members in navigating it and a team in uploading documents and information to it. The entire chorus is benefitting from the hours she spent on our website development and training. This woman also learned video editing and soundtrack editing just so our chorus could send out a virtual Christmas card. After writing the script, she encouraged everyone to send her soundtracks of the song we had chosen, she edited and compiled those, so it sounded like we were all singing together. Then she led a group on-line rehearsal where we all recited the lines of a poem in turn (that took many takes). Her willingness to learn new skills to benefit our chorus shows her self-sacrificing attitude and giving spirit. She continues to serve as the Finance Chair on our chorus board and keep accurate, understandable records of our chorus finances. She is also an active member of the RMT. She gives many hours each month to both the support of our chorus and Region 6. We are so glad she is our sister in song.

Karen McCarville

TCs Shining Star


Awarded to Karen McCarville

Karen McCarville