Bake Sale Information

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Posted By: Jane Servais
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Date Posted: Wed, Sep 21 2022
                                Bake Sale Information  
Thank you for contributing to the Bake Sale that will be held during the TCSC Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, Nov. 12th . 
There are some procedures that you are requested to follow for packaging your home-baked goodies for the Bale Sale:
 Please package your treats on a non-returnable plate, pan or other carry-out.
 Cover your treats in such a way that the buyer can see the items they are buying. No open containers, please.
 If you are using a paper plate, please first cover it with plastic wrap and second with a Ziplock bag or plastic bag with tie wrap. Plastic wrap is notorious for not always sticking to itself, but it helps keep things in place on the plate. Adding the sealed bag around it means that the goodies will stay together when someone picks them up. You can also cover a stiff piece of cardboard with foil to showcase slices of cake or bars – but again, double wrap with plastic wrap and a sealed bag.
 Foil pans work well for selling to our customers, but make sure they can see what is in the pan. If the foil pan has a cover, please make sure it is sealed.
 Please carefully label EACH item you bring with what it is and any pertinent ingredients. There are nut and flavor allergies of concern for some people, so we need to list ingredients as a precaution. For example: Pumpkin or banana bread with pecans or walnuts, fudge or brownies with pecans or walnuts, ginger cookies or Nanaimo bars with coconut…please list these types of ingredients.
 Bring your “packaged-and-ready-to-sell” baked goods early to the Pancake Breakfast. It takes a while to set up, and the sooner the items arrive the sooner they can be arranged to tempt the buyers. If you bring your baked items in a box that you want to take back home, please have your name already on it, and it will be stored underneath the selling tables for you to retrieve after the Pancake Breakfast is over.
 Suggestions for your Home Made goodies: A dozen (12) cookies or brownies, ½ dozen Monster Cookies or large-cut brownies, pieces of cake, small cakes in 8x8 inch foil cake pans, small loaves of nut bread or large (9x5 inch) loaves, caramel or cinnamon rolls (6), coffee cake, Bundt cake, cupcakes, or unbaked things like fudge. Bring something you like.
If you have any questions please contact Jane Servais:
Thank you,