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Merrilee Spaeth

Woman of Note - 2022


Awarded to Merrilee Spaeth

Twin Cities Show Chorus - Woman of Note - 2022

Our Woman of Note for 2022 is Merrilee Spaeth. A longtime member of TCSC, she has worn many hats in the chorus. She is the Costume Chairperson,, fearlessly leading the team toward our amazing visual look. She is a front row performer, knowing her choreography to perfection. She is on the Music Team and takes great notes for the chorus when coaches are visiting. She helps with the website and is in charge of our Hot Sheet,, keeping the chorus informed each week. She volunteers to write Regional Measures articles for TC, and is quoted as saying, “I am not a grammar cop,. I am an English language enthusiast.” She originally started singing Baritone, then Tenor, then lead for many years, and now is back singing Baritone again. We can'’t imagine TC being TC without Merrilee. She is “front row” all the way. 



Mary Lou Mesarchik

Twin Cities Show Chorus Shining Star


Awarded to Mary Lou Mesarchik

Mary Lou Mesarchik

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