TCSC Brd Mtg Minutes for 9-28-22

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Posted By: Jane Servais
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Date Posted: Fri, Oct 14 2022
Twin Cities Show Chorus

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

September 28, 2022

Members Present: Lyla, Susan, Terri, Jane, Meghan, Deb, Joni

Members Absent: none

Meeting was called to order: 6:25 Thank you Joni for hosting!

Secretary’s Report: Received, needs approved. 1st – Susan, 2nd – Meghan

Treasurer’s Report: Financial statement, status of dues currently paid. Taxes & renewals paid. Report received, needs approved. 1st – Deb, 2nd – Joni

Membership Report: Status of guests, and the responses from the members, not currently coming to rehearsals. Nothing really new. Any new ideas for building membership? Drive coming up developed by Molly R.

Marketing/PR Report: Status of marketing, or ideas for new PR? Status of update on our Facebook? Research “next door” & electronic sign in front of the rehearsal hall.

Performance Chair Report: Status of any new performance requests? Is there anything we can help with? Performance at Edinborough May 7, 2023.

Vice President’s Report: Updating Standing Rules with input from Merrilee & Terri.

Committee Reports: Need to again put out a sign up sheet (Jane will do) for chorus members to sign up for committees. Since it was advised that we have an appointed project manager for fundraising and applications. We still need to get a volunteer for that, Merrilee said she will “help” but does not want to oversee it. Deb and Joni will co-chair the Poinsettia sales - thanks for taking that on. We are set to have our Pancake Breakfast in November, but it will help to have a volunteer to take care of the ticket sales. I should have the flyers and tickets printed soon, but would appreciate input on what to charge this year. Should we increase it, and do we need to look at the Poinsettia sales cost versus amount to sell them for? Overall everything has gone up, since we have done our fundraising events in the past.

Music Team Report: Either Susan or Meghan, anything to report from the music team? President’s Report: In addition to working on the fundraising event coming up, I am still putting together details for our retreat. I have been working with the GNU treasurer Kevin Lynch, in regards to their request for payment for use of their risers. In negotiations, it has been agreed upon we will not pay anything for past use of their risers. Starting Oct. 1st, we will pay a nominal fee of $20/week for the weeks we use them.

The menu for our holiday dinner at Mancini’s has been requested. A volunteer is needed to help with the sign up. Do we want a cookie exchange?

New Business: Computer & riser railing/stool – pricing to come.

Meeting adjourned: 8:35             Next meeting: 10/26 – 6:30 on Zoom